Tuesday, July 26, 2011


by Michael Grant
You live this day just like every other. You get up, get ready, go to school. You look down at your doodle in the middle of class, and when you look up again something is different. The teacher is gone-vanished. This is what happens at the beginning of the Gone series. Everyone over the age of 15 has just poofed; to where, no one knows.  Not even Astrid the Genius can figure it out. Surrounded by some type of force field, nicknamed the FAYZ, there is also no internet, phones or television.  At first, it's a party. Then Sam, Astrid, and the others begin to realize that things are wrong. Who will take care of the babies and toddlers? Who will organize the food and stop the bullies? In short, who will be the adults now that they are gone?

This series sucks readers in. You want to know more. You need to know what will happen to all of the kids-the bullies and the heroes alike. On top of that feeling, author Michael Grant adds so many twists and turns that you have to read at least one more chapter to see how things unfold. The disappearance of the adults and FAYZ are some of the least terrifying things that happen in the strange new world. No one knows what the FAYZ will create next.

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