Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Never Had It Made

by Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson is someone everyone should learn about in school-just as we learn about others who have changed our country. The man who changed the sport of baseball by integrating African-Americans into the players' ranks realized his life was not to be just about baseball, but that he held the future of how people will be treated in his actions. The book looks at all parts of his life- UCLA, his time in the army, his family-and how they all made him the man who was able to change our country forever through determination and strength.

He was often described as quiet man, but after reading this autobiography you can't help but realizing that wasn't true. He realized that actions were what would speak loudest and most effectively.  His critics couldn't argue with his actions, so he contained his voice until it was time to tell his story. It also tells of the man after baseball, and Robinson's dedication to his race through politics even when he no longer played and had already sacrificed too much. A read for those who are ready to learn about his journey from his words.

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