Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

by Jeff Kinney
Greg is just starting middle school and decides to keep a journal (NOT a diary) of his life. He figures that it will make things much easier to hand over his writing when he is rich and famous then have to recount everything to all his adoring fans. Through his writings we meet Greg's best friend Rowley who he is often humiliated by; he's just so uncool. We also meet some of Greg's other friends, like Fregley who seems to just be from another planet. We learn about Greg's family, especially his older brother Roddrick who Greg seems to love-hate-worship-fear, all at the same time.

This series chronicles Greg's life from his point of view, and I find him pretty hard to like. He is selfish and looks down on a lot of his friends, but his redeeming quality is that he comes through in the end. I do enjoy the portrayl of the family and how they seem to have high hopes. I also enjoyed how sketches are included to make different points; they add authenticity to the story. I don't know how strongly I would recommend the series-I could take them or leave them-up till the 3rd book.  There were parts in The Last Straw where I laughed so hard I cried! Overall, they are an easy fun read.

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