Monday, November 22, 2010

Harriet the Spy

A classic from when I was a lot younger, Harriet the Spy is a book that could be truly called timeless. It is the story of Harriet, an 11-year-old girl who lives in the city. An only child, her best companions are books and her wish is to grow up and be  a writer. To practice, she is an observer. She watches everyone: her parents, the kids at school, and people on her 'spy route' that she walks daily. She records everything in her notebook.

Harriet's notebook is found by her classmates who subsequently read it. They are shocked and hurt by the observations she has recorded, which confuses Harriet. She doesn't understand why her writing has hurt everyone so much, why they think her comments about them come off as petty. They create a united front against her, and seek revenge. This makes Harriet, an already lonely observer, feel even more alone.

Don't judge this book because it is older, or on the Disney movie made on the general idea of it. The book is a classic, one that could not be outdated. It deals with the feelings that many people have when they try to understand the world they face. I remember reading this book, and even though sad things happened for Harriet, a part of me wanted to be her. Any book that can feel that real should be read by many.

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