Sunday, November 28, 2010


When Tom Harriman dies, the nation mourns a hero. When Tom Harriman dies, Billy also mourns a hero-but that hero happens to be his father. His dad worked for the president, and was always there to keep things under control. After his plane crashes, Billy knows something is wrong. Heroes don't just die in accidents.

Billy insists on pretending that he is moving on after this horrible family tragedy, but in reality he is searching for answers. He believes that his father's accident was no mistake. While he continues to look, Billy himself is beginning to change. He is faster, stronger, more confident. What he doesn't realize is his father's deepest secret, he was an actual superhero, is going to be revealed to him. He will know because his superhero powers are now being passed on to Billy.

I enjoyed this quick read by Mike Lupica. It is a daring thing to branch away from his usual topic of sports (although they are referenced quite a lot during the story) into one of superheroes. It is not my favorite superhero book, but the idea of powers being passed on (see Thirteen Days to Midnight) is an interesting one. It seemed like this book wrapped up way to quickly, with a large realization at the end that wasn't explored as much as it should have been. I hope that there is more about Billy and his new life in a follow-up book. I believe this is a good opportunity for fans of Lupica's other works to read a fantasy story.

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