Monday, November 8, 2010

The Enemy

Your 16th birthday is a dreaded day in dystopian London. After the sickness came, every adult became ill. Some died. Some remained sick, confused, and hungry--and they'll feed on you. Children are fighting to survive, and hear of safe places where kids are living together. The gang that has been living in the grocery store, Waitrose, have decided that there has to be a better place-a place where there isn't the constant fear of who is next to be snatched. The group teams up with the Morrison group (from another store) to travel to Buckingham Palace where there is rumor of a large group of kids working to live together. On the way, some are lost.

This book is gross at times, and is not for the fainthearted. It is a zombie book (well, not technically since the 'Grown-Ups' aren't dead and coming back to life, in the true definition of zombies). There are some pretty gory places, and many more intense ones. Action-packed, thrilling, but still thought provoking. There is also sadness when the one child you really like, or can really connect to, dies. When children who have had all the adults they have trusted ripped away from them must lose their friends, too. And it leaves you wondering at the end...who is the real enemy?

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