Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beautiful Creatures

Ethan is tired of living in the small Southern town of Gaitlin, a place her rarely gets away from, and is counting the days until graduation when he can be long gone. The loss of his mom still pains him every day. Life is boringly normal, except for his dreams- dreams that are more like visions. The drowning girl and his unsuccessful attempts to save her. Waking up covered in mud, drenched in river water.

When Lena Duchannes shows up in town, Ethan is even more bewildered. Why is the girl from his dreams here? How can she be the niece of the local nut? Life seems to spinning out of control, and when he discovers the true secret behind the new girl, it spins a million times faster.

Some people are totally turned off when they hear about this book-it sounds like any other cursed paranormal romance that is out there. But it isn't. It is so much more.  For starters, as unbelievable as the story may be, the characters seem one-hundred percent real. They do things that you could see yourself doing, sadness seeps through their their thoughts, happiness glows. The setting acts as another character all together. The small Southern town captures the secrets of those who live there, young and old, and pulls you under.

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