Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chasing Lincoln's Killer

Nonfiction is not my thing, usually. When I read a book, I usually am choosing to escape the world that I live in and find a more magical place- which is why I am such a fan of fantasy and sci fi. If more nonfiction were fast-paced and exciting like this story, I would probably enjoy it more!

This book is based on the best-selling adult novel Manhunter, also by James Swanson. Chasing Lincoln's Killer is the story of how John Wilkes Booth organized and carried out the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, and tried to organize the simultaneous murders of other high-ranking members of the government, such as the vice president. It also chronicles the twelve days that Booth dodged the manhunt by hiding in houses of unwitting supporters, barns, and the woods. It also tells of his purpose- to seek revenge on the Union Yanks, and hopefully inspire those that still believes in the Confederacy to rise up and fight again.

I enjoyed the story that was told by this book, and the minor stories that were woven within. I thought it was an interesting way to approach one of the most important events in American history, and liked the way it is told following Booth. A definite nonfiction selection for my book shelf.

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