Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Underland Chronicles

The Underland Chronicles are another example of a series that I wish I had read years ago. I loved The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and that finally convinced me to give them a try.

These books tell the story of Gregor, a boy who has a tough life. Growing up in poverty, Gregor's dad disappeared suddenly, leaving his mother in constant worry and stress to take care of the family. Gregor does his best to help, and one day is assisting with the laundry while watching his baby sister Boots. Suddenly, Boots is gone. Gregor desperatly searches for her, and falls down a very curious tunnel that was hidden behind one of the machines in the laundry room. This tunnel takes him to The Underland, a place deep in the earth where people exist in complete darkness. They live with an uncomfortable truce with giant cockroaches, spiders, and rats. When Gregor and Boots arrive, there is a war brewing. Gregor just wants to get home, but the people in Underland believe that he is the warrior that their prophecies told about, he is forced to stay. Gregor then realizes there are secrets rampant, and some could involve his father's disappearance. He decides to embark on the adventure of a lifetime to save the people he just met.

And so begins Gregor's journies an life in the Underland. Collins does an excellent job creating an alternate world that at first seems creepy, but then grows on the reader. One can only marvel at how Gregor keeps his life together, but he still seems like a very "real" kid. There is action, adventure, and suspense abound in these stories that are very addicting.

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