Summer Reading List Instructions

What am I doing?
You are creating a list of at least 20 books (title, author, and genre) that you are interested in reading over the summer. This list will get printed and sent home with your trimester 3 report card.

Why am I doing this?
Remember-reading is like training to run a marathon. You can't work hard for months, and then take a few months off, and expect to be as 'fast' as you were before! In fact, taking 3 months off of running, and then trying to run a marathon would probably make you puke.

You have worked hard all school year-don’t let all of your brain training go to waste! Read this summer, or beware of summer learning loss! Kids that don’t read lose learning-and tests like MAP expect you to make progress over the summer. Don’t get stuck without a book-make a list!

What do I need to do?
1-Record your list of books to read this summer by using this form-To Read-Summer 2013
*After opening, make a copy and rename it using the following format:
Summer.Last Name.First Name.Class Period ( for example-Summer.Huch.Jess.1)

2-Find books using the following resources:
  • This blog (CCA Reads)-use the label cloud on the right to click on different genres
  • The page on this blog called "Other Great Book Review Sites"-these are a list of sites that I follow that update and give reviews about books.
  • Book Commercials/Trailers-Only if you have headphones! (Besides the videos posted on my page, I have NOT reviewed all of the videos on these channels/playlists. Please keep this in mind with what you are watching!)

3-When you are finished with your list, you need to print a copy that will be sent home in your report card. Double check that you typed your name at the top.

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