Thursday, January 26, 2012

Here Lies Linc

by Delia Ray

Goodreads Summary:
When 12-year-old Linc Crenshaw decides he wants to go to public school, his professor mom isn't so happy with the idea. He's convinced it will be the ticket to a new social life. Instead, it's a disaster when his mom shows up at their field trip to the local cemetery to lecture them on gravestones, and Linc sees her through his fellow-students' eyes. He's convinced his chances at a social life are over until a cemetery-related project makes him sought-after by fellow students he's not so sure he wants as friends, helps him make a new, genuine friend, and brings to light some information about his family that upends his world.

My Review:
While the cover of this book may hint to a creepy fantasy story, this is a great realistic fiction read that gives us Linc, a great kid who is so unusual, but still relatable. He makes a lot of mistakes, including hurting his eccentric mom's feelings, but they lead him to figure out a lot about himself. 

I love that the setting for this story is Oakland Cemetary  (where my grandparents are both buried) in Iowa City, Iowa-right down the road. This is a special place for many people in the area because of the legend of the Black Angel, which is looked at closely in this story. 

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