Thursday, January 26, 2012


by Suzanne Weyn

Goodreads Summary:
It's the near future - the very near future - and the fossil fuels are running out. No gas. No oil. Which means no driving. No heat. Supermarkets are empty. Malls have shut down. Life has just become more local than we ever knew it could be.
Nobody expected the end to come this fast. And in the small town of Spring Valley, decisions that once seemed easy are quickly becoming matters of life and death. There is hope - there has to be hope - just there are also sacrifices that need to be made, and a whole society that needs to be rethought.
Teens like Niki, Tom, and Gwen may find what they need to survive. But their lives are never going to be the same again.
My Review:
This book really helped me think. What would life be like without gas? How would we survive without cars? The characters could be somewhat flaky at times, but were pretty consistent to who they were made to be. They also helped to show what would happen to all of us-no matter how rich, smart, or popular-if the world ran out of oil. The great thing about this book is the "What ifs..." that come to your mind while reading it. Especially, what if this happened to me?

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