Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Unexpected: 11 Mysterious Stories edited by Laura E. Williams

"Who Broke Harry's Head?" by Graham Salisbury

This book really is unexpected! In the short story, "Who Broke Harry's Head?", Joey's mom is having tough times, and doesn't need any more trouble. But when his sister's rocking horse's head is broken, who is to blame? His mom's boy friend? His babysitter? His sister? Him? In the story, three major events happen. First, his babysitter's bird goes missing. Second, Joey's mom has a break down. Third, his sister's rocking horse's head is broken. This book would be a middle paced read for most people. People who like a combination of strange science fiction and mystery, would like this book. This collection of short stories is for anyone looking for something good.

Recommended by Garret, Trevor and Zach

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