Monday, November 23, 2009

Best Shorts

Best Shorts selected by Avi

Best Shorts
is a book of short stories for people who like a mix of emotions. The genre of this book is realistic fiction and the main characters in the short story, "The Caller", are Aunt Margaret, Lindsay Walters, Missy and Ms. Walters. This short story takes place in a town suburb and it is present time.
The mood of this story is filled with anger, hatred and sadness. The first thing that happens in this story is that Lindsay and her whole family have to go to a funeral which ruins her plans to go hang out with her friends. She is secretly trying to sneak away from the funeral but gets caught and gets in trouble. The rest of the short story is filled with Lindsay's troubles and conflicts with not being able to hang out with her friends.
We think people who would like this book are people who enjoy conflicts and solving problems.

Recommeded by Anthony and Braxton

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