Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Losing Is Not an Option

This book of short stories is definitely for those who can identify with athletes. From football stories to great track stories, Losing Is Not An Option by Rich Wallace will resonate with readers who have experienced the ups and downs of competing in the athletic world.
In the title story, "Losing is Not an Option", a High School Senior, Ron, is a school track star. He is a long distance runner, and has won honors in Cross Country, but now in the Spring, is competing in track events. Despite distractions, like girls, card games and separated parents, Ron devotes himself to pushing his body every day to increase its endurance and strength. He often recalls his domineering father's words that "losing is not an option," and steps up his efforts to be the best runner he can be. Ron is confident he can win each race he runs until he faces the big state tournament. Self doubts threaten to take control.
Ron wants more than anything to win that State title...will all of his hard work pay off?
The author of Losing is Not an Option, Rich Wallace, seems to know what it takes to make an outstanding athlete. This book is geared toward High School students, but Middle School teens will enjoy it as well. Readers will not be disappointed with the realistic tension created by the characters as they enter high stakes sports contests.

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